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Innis Arden Estate Sale

To Be Posted July 28th at 5am
Shoreline, WA 98177

Friday July 28, 2017 from 8am until 4pm
Saturday July 29, 2017 from 9am until 4pm
Sunday July 30, 2017 from 9am until 4pm


Over the past 10 years we have run a lot of large sales, this might be the FULLEST we have ever run.  Two floors, garage, deck…all PACKED!!! This collector was a shopper who couldn’t stop with just one of anything, you need a Pendleton blanket? We have about 20 (all new with tags), Persian Carpets? We have about 60 of them, all never used, bought overseas, shipped home and stacked, ready to sell to you!  Clothing and shoes? We have so many we had to set up a tented clothing store just to deal with the items that wouldn’t fit in the over-stuffed closets. We have a garage full of new in box tools, a 1959 Triumph TR3, a Honda 70 scooter with 18 miles on it, more jewelry than you could wear in a decade! Guitars and sewing machines? We have 4 each.  This three day sale starts Friday July 28th at 8am.  The address will be published at 5am.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 1959 Triumph TR3
  • Honda 70 Deluxe Passport Scooter with 18 miles
  • 1991 Ford Ranger with 47000 miles
  • 92-piece International Sterling Richelieu Pattern
  • Heywood Wakefield Dining Suite including Table & 4 Chairs, Buffet, 3 Side Tables
  • 8 assorted air rifles and pistols including a Benjamin Franklin pistol
  • 3 Israeli gas masks (new in box)
  • Huge collection of military (some new old stock) pocket and collectors knives
  • SW Pottery
  • Dozens of Turn-of-the-century Morgan and Peace Dollars
  • Navajo Sara Begay carpet
  • 60+ New with tags hand-knotted wool, cotton and silk Persian, Turkish, Pakistani and Afghani carpets.
  • Assorted Daytime and Night vision scopes and monoculars
  • Camera Equipment, lenses, binoculars
  • Baldwin Upright Piano
  • Gun Parts and cleaning supplies
  • Winchester Model 12 custom engraved barrel (barrel only)
  • Large collection of Longchamp and Meerschaum pipes
  • Thousands of pieces of sterling and costume jewelry, semi-precious and some fine
  • Garment quantity and quality vintage fabric including Pendleton wool, silk, leather, cotton, synthetics.
  • 4 Sewing Machines
  • 4 Guitars
  • Vintage Tin Toys
  • Hundred of New in Box Men’s (12-13) & Women’s shoes (8.5-9)
  • Circa 1951 O’Keefe & Merritt Gas range (near mint)
  • Hundreds of tools, many new in box
  • Vintage fishing gear, rods, reels
  • Military collectibles including badges, uniforms, goggles, surplus etc.
  • Vintage Bon Marche Furs
  • Signed Art Prints
  • Japanese Woodblock Prints
  • Panasonic sold-state tape recorder, stereo
  •  Thousands of books including vintage cookbooks, crafting books, jewelry books, military books and more
  • A whole room of crafting and sewing supplies, dress form, notions, work tables
  • Dozens of quilts, some vintage.
  • Vintage Stereo equipment
  • Dozens of vintage lighter including Zippo, Ronson, Coronet and more.
  • Dozens of vintage watches including Timex Automatic and sports watches.
  • Space Shuttle Thermal Protection Foam
  • Dozens of New with Tags Men’s and Women’s winter coats
  • Name Brands including: Filson, Pendleton, Eddie Bauer, Barbour, REI
  • SW Turquoise and Navajo jewelry including pieces signed by: Ray & Eva Wyaco, Justin Morris, N&R Nez, Donovan Cadman, Monroe Ashley, Terry Wadsworth, Bryces & Erma Eustace, Leonard Maloney, Rick Tolino, Chistin Wolf, Lonnie Willie, Andy Thomas an Nila Cook.
  • Two Craftsman Tool Chests
  • Vintage Coleman generator
  • Dozens of strands of stone & glass beads and beading supplies
  • Chain link Dog Pen
  • Dozens of Hats, Gloves, Mittens socks
  • All sorts of vintage purses
  • Hundreds of Wool Sweater
  • Vintage DISCO Roller skates
  • Three vintage helicopter flight helmets
  • Jointer
  • Saws
  • Welding Equipment
  • Chainsaws, air compressors, heaters
  • Bench Vises
  • Vintage Planes
  • Shop Shelving
  • Gun Safe
  • Dozens of small kitchen appliances
  • Stand Mixer
  • Glassware, China, Frankoma dish sets,
  • Rare Middle Eastern Pepsi Trays
  • James Christensen Posters
  • Vintage Military Photographs and ephemera
  • Garden Tools, Shovels, Rakes
  • Kenmore Washing Machine & Dryer
  • David Lee Art
  • And Truly SO MUCH MORE!!!

A blank list will be posted on the front gate of the house at 5am on Friday July 28th. Customers can sign-up on the list to determine the order of entry at the time of the sale.

No list will be allowed prior to 5am on Friday. All lists are self-managed. If there is a problem with the list we will encourage the buyers to work it out among themselves. If you are not present at the time your name is called you will lose your spot on the list.

Doors open at 8am sharp on Friday, check listing for other days.

Cash & Credit Cards ONLY. NO CHECKS.

We do not charge any fees for credit cards.

You are responsible for loading out your purchases, bring packing materials and a strong back.

We will not have staff to assist with load outs they are needed inside the house.

No pricing is released before the sale.

Police Officer and Video Surveillance will be present during the sale.