Testimonials for Foss Estate Sales

To Foss Estate Sale Crew:
It was a month ago today that you tackled our estate sale, Both N___and I want to express our many thanks for your professionalism and dedication in making this horrendous move happen in a timely manner. As you know, we are all faced with obstacles that were limitless and still made it happen. I know we were not a “small sale” and still you made this look seamless. I will continue to give our friends your name to those who are in need of your services. We are very happy with everything you did and accomplished and again thank you!
-B & N

What could have been an impossible situation and an insurmountable task was made doable and even easy because of the expertise of you and your staff. Thank you very much for your skill and integrity. I was able to step aside and let you and your folks organize, advertise and sell all of our belongings and then clean out the house to the very walls. You were a godsend for us and I thank you very much.  
-Dr. Kelley

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to send you all a big thank you!  I felt like you all were very thoughtful throughout the process.  It is hard to trust people you don’t know with such sentimental items, but you were all a pleasure to work with and gave us the trust you would make the best decisions.  We appreciate everything.

We received this kind letter from our client who received it from a buyer of ours.

Just wanted to let you know that you hired the right people to organize this sale for you.  Chris and his staff were wonderful today.  What did they do that I liked?

1) They were RESPECTFUL and KIND to all the people waiting for the door to open.  They thanked us for coming, they answered questions in a manner that conveyed their realization that without customers, they could not have an estate sale and could not help you.  This attitude, the underlying respect for customers, is lacking in many companies, and it was a pleasure to encounter.  Honestly, sometimes I go to sales and feel that I am being treated like an animal.  It’s hard to explain if you’ve never experienced it.  I sometimes feel angry or shell shocked after dealing with an estate sale company, but not this one!

2) A portable bathroom was available for us outside your father-in-law’s house.  VERY helpful to those of us who’d arrived at midnight and did not want to lose our places in line by leaving to find facilities.  I’ve never encountered that level of consideration.

3) The staff was willing to hold our choices behind the check-out table while we shopped.  Very considerate, kept us from having to shlep boxes around for an hour or more.

4) Staff smiled at us, were genuinely interested in helping make the shopping experience easier.  The atmosphere was not chaotic, even though the sale was crowded.

5) Everything was extremely organized.  Prices were clearly marked.  Packing materials were available.  Helpers assisted me in taking my boxes outside to the porch when I was ready to leave.

All in all, I’d give the company you hired an A+.  You can be proud of the way this company conducted business on behalf of your family.

Dan and I were very happy with the overall services that both you and Gary provided. Our Estate sale was a big project, and we can appreciate all the efforts and your team put into it. -Mary

Was just up at the house.  It looks fabulous!!!!!  You guys ROCK!